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Gloria Parnham Bradfield has captured the political intrigue, suspense and humor of 19th Century American life in her insightful new novel, THRONES.  Set in 1848, Bradfield’s story transports the reader into the smoldering political climate of the antebellum South where men manipulated, conspired and debated the future of the country as they steeled their positions for what was to come.


Bradfield’s years of period research are reflected in the pages of this extremely well-crafted tale.  The author snipped a hole in history and inserted fictional land owner Nathan Coulter, his sons Justin and Dan, and Rebecca Chancellor, precocious daughter of the junior Senator of South Carolina.  The characters’ lives intersect with the explosive issues of the day as events lead them from New York to the White House to Virginia’s Tidewater and the plantations of South Carolina.  The well-honed use of dialogue, dialect, debates and dissention help develop the issues of the 1840s and 1850s in a manner relevant to our time.


Addressing the predominant topic of the era, THRONES explores the political and economic issues that tied the country to slavery while depicting the slaves’ profound contribution to the music, language, cuisine and culture that make up the South’s rich heritage.


Historical fiction devotees and political enthusiasts will be mesmerized by the political partnerships and secret dealings recounted in Bradfield’s exciting new book.  THRONES  is a compelling and enriching read.


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